Tough Love

Tough Love is a podcast hosted by three adoptees, from very different backgrounds. On our podcast, we have conversations about the difficulties that come from being adopted. We provide a safe space for adoptee’s to share their life experiences.
Listen in and join into the conversation! 

Meet Your Hosts

Lauren Fishbein is an international transracial adoptee from Chile. She was adopted at 6 weeks old and grew up in Maryland. She is now in reunion with her birth family and has 3 half siblings, all living in Chile. Lauren is a licensed professional counselor and high performance coach in Boulder, Colorado. She has dedicated her work to educating adoptive parents about how to best support their adoptee. In her free time, you can find Lauren at the yoga studio, spending time with friends, or strolling through the beautiful mountains of Colorado.
Deontae Boswell is a transracial adoption born and raised in Central Texas. He studied Social Work at Colorado State University in Fort Collins before returning to the Austin Metro Area. Deontae has a heart for serving youth and young adults and has previously mentored other transracial adoptees . Although no longer in Colorado, Deontae stays engaged with adoption nonprofits in the Mountain West including Heritage Camps for Adoptive Families where he returns as a guest speaker. When Deontae is not working you can catch him at a Texas Country concert, football game, or a local BBQ joint.
Glenna Boggs is an international adoptee from Russia. She was adopted alongside her twin sister at nine months. Glenna began her adoption journey when she was in her third year at the University of Denver. She speaks regularly on adoption topics and is passionate about sharing adoptee perspectives. She teaches Elementary Music in Littleton, Colorado. When Glenna isn’t teaching music or talking about adoption, she can be found adventuring outside.