Feeling Stuck? Let's Work Together!

Below are brief descriptions of the services I provide. Contact me today to get free 15-minute consultation. Together we will find what services best fit you and your needs.

Adoptive Therapy

As an adoptee myself, I am familiar with the day to day struggles that adoptees and adoptive parents might have. Questions like “will I ever feel okay?,” “am I good enough?”, and “why am I so anxious?” are just a few of the long list of thoughts and concerns. Whether you are an adoptee or an adoptive parent, I can help.

Child/Play Therapy

 (ages 8 & Below)

For children, play therapy is offered as an alternative to talk therapy. Play therapy allows children to share their traumas through their own language of play. To learn more about play therapy, contact me for a consult.

Adult Therapy

 (ages 18+)

Adult therapy is specific to those that are in needs of personal counseling. Let’s work together and get you feeling better!

Parent Coaching

Are you absolutely exhausted and at your wits end? Are you tired of the same patterns keeping you stuck? Ready to go from chaos to connection? My 10-week coaching program provides a unique and specialized experience with a parenting booklet to keep as a guide.