Parent Coaching

Are you ready for change?

Are you absolutely exhausted and at your wits end? Are you tired of the same patterns keeping you stuck? See the list of services below to find the best program for you!

Featured Programs

Planting seeds

From Chaos to Connection is a 10 week program that gives you an introduction to your nervous system, the brain, and the practice of mindfulness. We will create a map of your internal landscape that will help you better understand how you react and respond to challenging situations. 

What you get: (10 weeks)

* 8 recorded modules + home assignments (approx. 45min)

*10 one-on-one sessions 

* Weekly Live Q&A

*Booklet or PDF download

Tilling your garden

This program is designed to further sustain the growth achieved from From Chaos to Connection. We will continue to deepen your progress and up level your skillset. 

*This is available only after you have completed the the first 10 weeks.*

Contact me for specific options available. 


full bloom

This is a year-long commitment. We go deep into your daily routines, set up a self-care regimen, bust through your internal blocks. We will create new patterns that are sustainable and supportive to the life you want to live. 

What you get (year-long):

* Everything in Planting Seeds 

* Individualized one-on-one sessions 

* Lifestyle evaluation and revamp 

* Multiple week-long retreats in the beautiful Rocky Mountains!

What Past Clients have SAID

Lauren’s Parent Coaching saved our family life. We now understand why our child misbehaves and why our child acts the way they act. Now we know how to redirect and calm our child. Lauren is sweet, understanding and very knowledgeable in this area. She was a pleasure to work with and learn from.​​

Lauren has been a life-saver for our family. She shows dedication to helping us grow and learn about each other so we can connect, support, and share the love our family has in productive ways. Lauren is attentive, intelligent, intuitive, and supportive. Our family is on a new path of healing since we started working with her.

This course allowed me to see my blind spots as a parent. Lauren is a natural and gifted coach who cares deeply about the relationship between child and parent. My approach to parenting my son has remarkably changed for the better and my son’s behavior reflects the change positively. I cannot thank Lauren enough for the tools and guidance that came with her incredible course!

Absolutely loved our sessions with Lauren. She is fantastic and full knowledge. My partner and I did the course together and we were amazed by all the things we have learnt. Knowing how the brain and nervous system works has given us a good insight on how our bodies function. Lauren was able to give us helpful tools to use straight away and our child’s behaviour has become much better. We as parents, have incorporated these tools into our day to day lives and now are better equipped to help our child and each other. I would definitely recommend this course, it has changed our lives!