Parent Coaching

Turning Over a New Leaf

Are you feeling stuck and frustrated in your parenting journey? Do you struggle with becoming triggered and saying the wrong things? Are you unsure about how to overcome these challenges?  If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, fear not! With my 12-week parent coaching program, From Chaos to Connection, I will give you the tools and skill set needed to overcome these issues so that you can show up as the parent you wish to be. 

About the Program

From Chaos to Connection is a 12-week program that will give you practical tips and tools that help you to navigate challenging situations that are currently causing you distress. This individualized program helps you to understand the root causes that create disconnection in your family. Together we will create a map of your family system with my Parent Coaching Booklet and help you uncover and dissolve the challenges that you are currently experiencing. By the end of our time together you will have a deeper understanding of your child’s behavior, how to navigate your own triggers, and how to strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones.

With this program you get:

» 7 Recorded Modules + Home Assignments (approx. 20min/Week)

» 3 Check-In Sessions to Deepen your Understanding of the Material

» Parent Coaching Booklet (mailed to your home)

Individualized Support


Are you interested in understanding the mechanics of your brain and how your mind-body connection impacts how you respond to others? I teach the basics of the nervous system, brain and mindfulness so that you can better understand why you react the way you do and give you tools to learn how to respond instead of react. 


Mindfulness is a way to better understand yourself. It helps you to see your patterns, especially the patterns that might be keeping you stuck! Once you have more awareness, then you can rewrite your patterns.

Accelerated Evolution

Accelerated Evolution (AE) dissolves emotional and mental blockages that stop us from feeling free. AE  has many tools that help to eliminate emotional barriers, mental blocks, and limiting beliefs with remarkable speed and efficiency.